Emerald chat is an Omegle alternative random chat platform where you can use video chat and text chat together. First of all, membership is created by a mail with the extension Emerald chat. Membership is not requested for the online chat system. But the system will put you in a profile without straining. It makes the website automatic for you. We’ll provide you with step-by-step tips on how to use emerald chat below.


1.Boot control

When you log in to the Emerald Chat homepage, you’ll be tested to see if you’re a boot. If you are not a boot, you have to pass this test. Or you will not find a chance to enter the site emeraldchat.xyz .

Emerald chat boot control
Emerald chat boot control

2. Gender Selection

First of all, you are asked to select male or female for your profile with emerald mail extension. You can also mark the Gender selection as other.
emerald chat gender
emerald chat gender

3.Text Chat

If you prefer to use Text chat, you are asked to add a nickname first. This is the name that identifies you during your chat. It is an advantage for you to be recognized as the people you are chatting with are an interesting name because they will see this name.


Interest Tags

In the text chat room, you need to add interest if you want to be real and different from the people you chat with. The system matches you with relevant people according to this area of interest.

Random Text chat

After selecting the area of interest after the start button, the system matches you with a random guest. If you don’t like the user, you can replay by pressing the stop key.

4.Video Chat

If you prefer to have a video chat, you must accept the request to access the webcam and microphone. By pressing the start button, my site matches you with a foreigner. With the Next button, you can video chat with other users. In addition, the application allows you to register back to your history and return to you.

5.Group Chat

Group chat has been developed to allow you to chat in writing with multiple users. You can chat with multiple users by logging into the Group chat room.

emerald chat mode
emerald chat mode

6. How To Create An Emerald Chat Profile

Emerald chat is based on an automatic membership system. When you log in to emerald chat, your profile is created. You can edit your profile by logging into Menu-Setting – My profile.

emerald chat profile
emerald chat profile

7. Emerald Chat Account Settings

You can set Emerald chat account settings by following the Menu – Setting – Account setting options. You can also secure your account by creating a password.

8. How Do I Delete My Emerald Chat Account

If you want to delete your emerald account, first log in to settings and account settings. Click lay My account delete ”. This will delete your account.

9.Friends and Message box

You can add your matching strangers to your friend list. Send a free message
Emerald Chat Free random chat
You can chat randomly with Emerald chat. You can use text chat and video chat at no cost. But for a few features, Emerald chat can charge you.

emerald chat friends
emerald chat friends

Emerald chat Upgrade Account

The first time you log in, your account is temporary. And every time you log in, a different temporary account opens. If you wish, you can upgrade your account by logging in with your e-mail account. You can increase your chances of meeting new friends using features such as adding image profile settings.

Emerald chat upgrade
Emerald chat upgrade


Emerald Chat Gold

You can benefit from many useful features at Emerald Chat by paying a monthly fee. Even though there are different price policies at certain times, Emerald chat gold is very affordable compared to other paid sites.

What Are The Advantages Of Emerald Gold Membership

  • You can match according to gender
  • You can have filtering options by hybrid level
  • you can filter non-registered users
  • Enjoy advertising-free chat
  • You can end your membership at any time
emerald chat gold
emerald chat gold

Emerald Chat app on mobile

You can use Emerald chat for your mobile phones. You can enjoy in mobile chat by uploading to Android and ios compatible iPhone phones with updates to be made
• Emerald Chat app on Android via Google Play
• Emerald chat app on Ios via App Store

emerald chat app
emerald chat app

How to Unban Emerald Chat

There are 2 methods to remove Emerald chat bans. The first step is if you have misunderstood because of the misunderstanding, you can contact Emerald chat to remove the situation. The second step is to benefit from rope changing programs.

Dynamic or Static Ip Replacement

Turn off your existing browser and internet connection. After waiting 5 minutes, open your browser again and log in to Emerald chat

VPN or Proxy replacement programs

There are hundreds of VPN programs available on the Internet. Go for a solution by downloading any of them. Or try online proxy replacement sites. Try logging in again using them

emerald chat unban vpn
emerald chat unban vpn